Industries Served

The high-quality metals supplied by Leading Edge are used in a wide variety of applications in multiple industries. Regardless of what you’re looking to build—a titanium orthopedic implant, electronic nickel lead wires, an Alumel®-Chromel® thermocouple, or a tungsten electron emitter—our specialists can help you find the material you need to get the job done. Some of the industries we serve include:


Metals used in the aerospace industry must be light and strong, providing unmatched reliability despite extreme pressure, high heat and dramatic shifts in temperature. Titanium is often the material of choice for both airframes and turbine engine parts. Tungsten is used to make rocket engine nozzles. Invar® and other nickel-iron alloys are used for aircraft instrumentation and precision composite molds.


Electronic components are smaller, faster, and more reliable than ever before. Many of the advances made in the electronics industry are directly related to the materials used. The excellent conductive properties of high-quality electronic nickel coupled with its resistance to corrosion make it an excellent choice for multiple electronic applications. Glass-sealing alloys such as Kovar® and alloy 52 are used to make hermetic environments, and alloy 42 is very well suited for joining to ceramic chips in miniature electronic circuits.

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic interference can affect the quality of a wide variety of systems involving sound, video, and instrumentation equipment. The high permeability of magnetic shielding alloys can significantly improve performance in such systems. In the medical community, magnetic shielding alloys are used to protect sensitive measuring equipment, such as electrocardiogram machines. In the automotive and aerospace industries, alloys are used to protect electronic controls. Magnetic shielding alloys, such as Co-NETIC®, NETIC®, MuMETAL®, HyMu 80®, and LE Alloy 49, are used to protect a host of products from interference including cell phones, home theater systems, computer display monitors, and retail credit card readers.


The medical community uses the materials supplied by Leading Edge to protect monitoring equipment, build medical implants and construct medical electronics. In addition to the electronic and magnetic shielding applications described above, biocompatible titanium is widely used for medical implants.

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