The Leading Edge

Why trust your material needs to Leading Edge?

It’s what we do—supplying the materials our customers need, when they need them, at a price they can afford.


While many metals may work for an application, not all are cost-effective. Length of service, environmental conditions, and the degree of precision needed—there are many factors to consider when choosing materials. Our professionals have the experience and expertise needed to evaluate your situation and recommend the metal best-suited to your application.

Product Selection and Purchasing Options

Leading Edge offers a wide range of products in multiple shapes and sizes, even in small quantities. Many are available for immediate shipment from our warehouse and, if we don’t have the material you need, there’s a good chance we can find it. With our flexible purchasing options, you can ensure materials are available when they’re needed. Purchasing options include blanket orders, just-in-time delivery, and consignment materials.

Customer Service

Good customer service is good business—and more than that, it’s the right thing to do. When you deal with Leading Edge, you can count on more than quality products at fair prices. You can count on expert information to help you make the most cost-effective choice of material, attention to detail, and personal investment in the success of your application.

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