Low Expansion Alloys

Low expansion alloys provide strength and accuracy over a wide range of temperatures. Invar®1, LE alloy 42 and other low expansion nickel alloys are used for instrumentation, precision measuring devices, and bimetal thermostats. For more information on how Leading Edge’s alloys can add value to your application, contact one of our material specialists.

Invar® 36

With an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, approximately one-tenth that of carbon steel at temperatures up to 400° F, Invar® is often thought of as the material of choice for low expansion nickel alloy applications. The ability to maintain strength at very low temperatures also makes it the optimum choice for containing some liquid gasses.

LE Alloy 42

The coefficient of thermal expansion for LE alloy 42 makes it very well suited for joining to ceramic chips in miniature electronic circuits. A less-expensive alternative to similar electronic nickel alloys, it is used extensively in the automotive, electronic and medical industries.

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