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Soft Magnetic Shielding Alloys

From increasing the quality of home theater systems to protecting sensitive medical equipment in an MRI facility, magnetic shielding alloys are used to redirect magnetic fields and reduce interference.

When selecting a magnetic shielding alloy, it is important to keep in mind corrosion-resistance, electrical resistivity, permeability (sensitivity) and strength. Contact a Leading Edge material specialist to discuss which alloy is best suited for your application.

Co-NETIC® Magnetic Shielding Alloys

Co-NETIC® is considered far superior in shielding performance due to its consistent quality, material composition and Perfection Annealing process. Used primarily in low intensity fields where high attenuation is desired (high initial permeability & high shielding efficiency), it has become our leading brand.
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NETIC® Magnetic Shielding Alloys

As our “work horse” brand, NETIC® is considered a universally strong shielding alloy, far superior in shielding strength due to its consistent quality, material composition and finishing characteristics. NETIC® is used primarily in strong fields where high magnetic saturation is required (high intensity, strong fields). We have found certain standard sizes of electro-tin plate and un-plated NETIC® alloy work for most applications.
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MuMETAL® Alloy for Fabricated Shields

For decades, scientists, engineers, metal suppliers and fabricators have referred to mumetal as the industry standard. However, MuMETAL® is a registered trade name and exclusively available from Magnetic Shield Corporation, a worldwide leader in low-frequency magnetic shielding.
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Magnetic Field Evaluator Probes

Our AC magnetic field evaluator probes may be used with a digital volt meter or oscilloscope to determine AC magnetic field sources and intensities. It is also used to measure the attenuation of magnetic shields.
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Magnetic Shielding Lab Kits

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Global businesses, engineers, scientists, inventors, educators and homeowners in over 80 countries have used our Lab Kits and shielding materials for hands-on evaluation. Our Lab Kits, which contain various samples of our proprietary shielding alloys and technical information, have helped many consumers and technical professionals solve unwanted magnetic interference from low frequency AC source fields (0 Hertz to 100kiloHertz).
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Magnetic Shielding for Wiring Applications

Braided Sleeving, Flexible Conduit, Cable & Wire.
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Zero Gauss Chambers

One of our most popular research product, the Zero Gauss Chamber is used to create a low-field environment. Fabricated from MuMETAL alloy, and field proven to be effective, the Magnetic Shield Corporation Zero Gauss Chamber is scientifically engineered to provide a laboratory work space of extremely low magnetic field.
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LE Alloy 49

Nickel-iron alloys with higher iron content provide not only magnetic shielding properties but also excellent glass-to-metal sealing capabilities. LE alloy 49 is used for applications such as solenoid components, glass-to-metal hermetic seals, transformers and power transducers.

HyMu 80®

Offering extremely high initial permeability, HyMu 80®1 is a nickel-iron alloy containing molybdenum. Uses include transformer cores, telephony and recording devices.


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