QMS Registered to ISO9001:2015 + AS9100D + ITAR                                                                                     Revised: 7-27-2021 

Leading Edge Metals & Alloys Buying Terms & Conditions:

1.  All PO requirements, including those agreed to in other media, shall be stated on the PO. The PO may refer to terms and conditions located elsewhere.

2.  LEMA shall use appropriate packaging using materials at LEMA’s discretion unless other stipulations are agreed to in the PO (ex. “No packing peanuts”)

3.  PO changes shall be communicated to LEMA as soon as possible and may require review by multiple parties at LEMA

4.  The provided ship date indicates the target date to leave the LEMA facility

5.  All shipments shall be sent ground unless other stipulations are agreed to in the PO

6.  Any order may be cancelled up 2 business days after the order is placed without penalty.

7.  Cancellations beyond 2 business days shall incur the greater of a $250 or 3% of the order total processing fee.


Leading Edge Metals & Alloys Terms & Conditions:

1.  Suppliers shall notify LEMA of changes to the delivery schedule and to the shipping quantity. The delivery due date reflects the date that the product shall arrive at the LEMA dock or the date that the service shall be complete.

2.  Suppliers shall supply material certifications and mill certificates for all delivered material unless explicitly stated otherwise on the Purchase Order. All material certifications shall state the country of origin. All 3TG materials shall be certified conflict free. RoHS and REACH certificates shall be available upon request.

3.  Suppliers shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers any applicable requirements listed in the purchasing documents, including customer requirements

4.  Suppliers shall notify LEMA of non-conforming processes, product, services, or arrangements for LEMA review and disposition prior to delivery.

5.  Suppliers shall notify LEMA of non-conforming products that were shipped to LEMA. Non-conforming material shipped to LEMA is subject to rejection and return.

6.  Suppliers shall implement a quality management system that ensures employees are aware of their contribution to product and service conformity; of their contribution to product safety; and of the importance of ethical behavior.

7.  LEMA shall be solely responsible for communication with LEMA customers. Suppliers shall not communicate with LEMA customers unless explicitly provided written authorization by LEMA.

8.  Suppliers shall use customer designed or approved external providers as applicable, including process sources (special processes).

9.  Suppliers shall use appropriate inspection or test methods to detect potential counterfeit parts and prevent the use of counterfeit parts.

10.  Suppliers shall notify LEMA and obtain LEMA approval when required for changes to processes and services, to the location of manufacture, or to external providers.

11.  Suppliers shall retain relevant documented information and records for a period of 15 years minimum unless otherwise specified on the purchase order or contract.

12.  Suppliers shall guarantee the right of entry to LEMA, its customers, and relevant regulatory authorities for all applicable documented information and all applicable areas of facilities, including those of any relevant sub-tier suppliers.

13.  Suppliers shall notify LEMA if the supplier’s purchasing or quality point of contact changes.

14.  LEMA may make changes to an existing purchase order, suspend all or any portion of the supplier’s work, and make changes within the general scope of the purchase order or contract. Changes may affect various parts of the purchase order or contract, including, but not limited to specifications, drawings, statements of work, descriptions of services, methods of shipping or packing, quantities of products or services, due date, and manner of delivery. Any such suspension or change directed by LEMA may cause a change to the cost or time required to complete the purchase order or contract. Suppliers may claim an equitable adjustment in the cost, delivery schedule, or both with written supporting evidence. Suppliers shall notify LEMA of changes to the cost or delivery schedule within five days following LEMA’s notification of the purchase order or contract change.

15.  Suppliers shall package parts in a manner that will 1) withstand the rigors of the shipping process, 2) have the strength to properly protect the contents, and 3) ensure stacking at least five layers high in transit. LEMA-furnished material may be returned in the same packaging provided that the packaging is in good condition and the packaging meets the above requirements.

16.  Suppliers shall control and trace media such as inspection stamps and electronic signatures used for product acceptance/inspection to the authorized personnel.

17.  Suppliers shall ensure that employees are trained, competent, and qualified to applicable certifications, such as NADCAP. Any special competency requirements from LEMA outside of applicable certifications shall be documented in the purchase order.

18.  Suppliers may conduct sample inspection of product using a relevant industry standard as a foundation. The sampling plan shall be available to LEMA on request.

19.  Suppliers shall be rated on delivery and quality. The delivery rating compares the receiving date to the acknowledged date plus transportation time. The quality rating is based on documentation, nonconformances, and poor packaging. Contact LEMA for more information on the rating system and current rating.

20.  As applicable, suppliers shall meet the following requirements and shall flow down these requirements to relevant sub-tier suppliers.

    • Compliant to 41 CFR 60-1.4, Equal opportunity clause.
    • Compliant to 41 CFR 60-300.5, Equal opportunity for veterans.
    • Compliant to 41 CFR 60-300.44, Required contents of affirmative action programs [for veterans].
    • Compliant to 41 CFR 60-741.5, Equal opportunity for workers with disabilities.
    • Compliant to 41 CFR 60-741.44, Required contents of affirmative action programs [for workers with disabilities].
    • Compliant to 29 CFR 471 Appendix A to Subpart A, Text of Employee Notice Clause.